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(Sec. 1)   MCU Manufacturers


                The Following MCU Manufacturers are Currently in the GOPHER Database

• Analog Devices • Elan Micro • Microchip/Atmel • Silicon Labs


• Applied Micro Circuits • EM Micro • Nuvoton Tech • STMicroelectronics


• Bridgetek Pte Ltdl • Epson America • NXP (Freescale) • Texas Instruments


• Cirrus Logic • Holtek Semiconductor • ON Semiconductor • Toshibia America


• Cypress (Spansion) • Infineon Technology • Panasonic Semiconductor • Vorago Technologies


• Cyrod Techl • Lapis Semi (ROHM) • Redpine Signals • Western Design Ctr


• Digi International • Maxim • Renesas • Zilog




(Sec. 2)    Core MCU, Bus & Status


Parametric Description Examples
Manuf MCU Manufacturer Any combination of MCU manufacturers


PartNbr Part Number Manufacturers part number (Not available for Gopher Stat)


ProdLine (P/L) Product Lines List of all manufacturers product lines


Status Manufacturing Status Future    In-Active    Not-Recmd    Production     Sampling


CPU Nbrs


Number of CPUs


Positive Integer




CPU #1 Type


6502, 8051, 8052, ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-A*, Cortex-M*, Cortex-R*


CPU Size


CPU Size in number of bits


4    8    16    28    32    64




CPU #2 Type


6502, 8051, 8052, ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-A*, Cortex-M*, Cortex-R*


CPU2 Size


CPU #2 Size in number of bits


4    8    16    28    32    64


Bus Size


Bus size (bits)


8    16    32     64


MCU Freq


MCU Frequency (mhz)


Positive Integer


Bus Freq


Bus Frequency (mhz)


Positive Integer


ARM MCU Type: ARM Y for yes


DSP MCU Type: DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Y for yes


MIPS MCU Type: MIPS Y for yes


PowerPC MCU Type: PowerPC Y for yes


u8051 MCU Type: 8051 Y for yes


u8052 MCU Type: 8052 Y for yes


u6502 MCU Type: 6502 Y for yes


On Chip Osc On Chip Clock Generator Y for yes




Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Clock


Y for yes
Sub Clk Number of Sub Clocks


Y for yes


Peripheral Component Interconnect bus Y for yes
PCI Express PCI Express bus Y for yes


ISA Industry Standard Architecture Y for yes


Mply Instr Multiply Instruction Y for yes


MAC Instr Multiply Accumulate Instruction Y for yes


FPU SP Floating Point Unit (Single Precision) Y for yes


FPU DP Floating Point Unit (Double Precision) Y for yes


Barrel Shifter Barrel Shifter Instruction Y for yes




(Sec. 3)    Memory Type and Size


Parametric Description Examples
RAM RAM (bytes) Positive Integer


FeRAM Ferroelectric RAM memory (bytes) Positive Integer


ReRAM Resistive RAM memory (bytes) Positive Integer


FROM Flash memory (bytes) Positive Integer


eFuse Electrically Programmable Fuse memory (bytes) Positive Integer


PROM PROM (bytes) Positive Integer


EROM EROM (bytes) Positive Integer


MROM MROM (bytes) Positive Integer





(Sec. 4)    Optional Memory Features


Parametric Description Examples
DMA Chans Number of Direct Memory Access Channels Positive Integer


MMU Memory Management Unit Y for yes


MPU Memory Protection Unit Y for yes


EMIF External Memory Interface Y for yes


Ext Bus Ctrl External Bus Controller Y for yes


Ext Mem Card Support for External Memory Card Y for yes


SD Card Secured Digital Memory Card Y for yes




(Sec. 5)    Voltages & Temps


Parametric Description Examples
Sply V Min Supply voltage (min) Positive Decimal Number


Sply V Max Supply voltage (max) Positive Decimal Number


IO V Min I/O Supply Voltage Min Positive Decimal Number


IO V Max I/O Supply Voltage Max Positive Decimal Number


Oper Temp Min


Operating Temperature Range (min)


Positive and/or Negative Integer


Oper Temp Max Operating Temperature Range (max) Positive Integer


Low Pwr Low Power Mode Available Y for yes




(Sec. 6)    Analog Devices and Options


Parametric Description Examples
ADC Nbrs


Number of distinct ADCs


Positive Integer


ADC Chans


Nbr of ADC channels


Positive Integer


ADC Resol


ADC Resolution in bits


Positive Integer


ADC Type


ADC type


Sig-Del (ΣΔ),  SAR,   Slope,   Voltage


ADC2 Chans


Nbr of ADC channels


Positive Integer


ADC2 Resol


ADC2 Resolution in bits


Positive Integer


ADC2 Type


AD2C type


Sig-Del (ΣΔ),   SAR,   Slope,   Voltage


Analog Cmp


Number of Analog Output Compares


Positive Integer


DAC Chans


Nbr of DAC channels


Positive Integer


DAC Resol


DAC Resolution in bits


Positive Integer


DAC Type


DAC Type


Current,   V/I




Number of Operational Amplifiers


Positive Integer


Samp And Hold


ADC Sample and Hold available


Y for yes


Temp Sensor


Temperature Sensor


Y for yes




(Sec. 7)    GPIO & Ext Interrupts


Parametric Description Examples


General Purpose I/O pins


Positive Integer


Ext Triggers


Number of External Triggers


Positive Integer


Cap Sense


Number of Capacitance Sense (Touch) Inputs


Positive Integer


Parallel Port


Parallel Port


Y for yes




(Sec. 8)    Timers


Parametric Description Examples
Timer Nbrs


Number of timers


Positive Integer


Timers 8bit


Number of 8 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timers 10bit


Number of 10 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timers 12bit


Number of 12 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timers 14bit


Number of 14 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timers 16bit


Number of 16 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timers 18bit


Number of 18 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timers 24bit


Number of 24 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timers 32bit


Number of 32 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timers 64bit


Number of 64 bit timers


Positive Integer


Timer CAP


Number of Timer Captures


Positive Integer


Timer Cmp


Number of Timer Compares


Positive Integer


PWM Chans


Number of Pulse Width Modulator Channels


Positive Integer


PWM Bits


Number of Pulse Width Modulation bits


Positive Integer




Number of Resolver/Digital Converter Units


Positive Integer


PCA Programmable Counter Array Y for yes


MTU Multi function timer pulse unit Y for yes


QE Quadrature Encoder Y for yes


Pulse Gen Programmable pulse generator Y for yes


Motor Mgmt Motor management Y for yes


OCDSC On-chip digital servo circuit Y for yes


XY Cnvtr X/Y Converter. Shifts matrix 90° Y for yes



(Sec. 9)    Serial Lines


Parametric Description Examples


Number of Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter serial lines


Positive Integer


CAN Chans


Number of Controller Area Network channels


Positive Integer


LIN Nbrs


Number of Local Interconnect Network serial lines


Positive Integer


I2C Nbrs


Number of Inter-Integrated Circuit serial lines


Positive Integer


SCI Nbrs


Number of Serial Communication Interface lines


Positive Integer


SPI Nbrs


Number of Serial Peripheral Interface lines


Positive Integer




Number of Integrated Inter-IC Sound Bus Interfaces


Positive Integer




Multichannel Buffered Serial Port


Positive Integer


USB Chans


Numberf of Universal Serial Bus channels


Positive Integer


Ethernet Ethernet Support (speed not specified) Y for yes


Ethernet 100 Ethernet 10/100 mb support Y for yes


Ethernet 1Gig Ethernet 1 gb support Y for yes


IEbus IEBus by NEC Electronics Y for yes


J1850 Automotive Electrical Interface Bus Y for yes


IrDA Infrared Data Association support Y for yes


CRC Cyclic redundancy check calculator Y for yes




(Sec. 10)    Special System Features


Parametric Description Examples
WDT Watch Dog Timer Y for yes


RTC Real Time Clock Y for yes


POR Power On Reset Y for yes


BOR Brown Out Reset Y for yes


OSD Oscillator Stop Detection) Y for yes


LVD Low Voltage Detection Y for yes


SVS Supply Voltage Supervisor Y for yes


Wireless Wireless Communications Y for yes




(Sec. 11)    LCD Interface


Parametric Description Examples
LCD Segs


Number of segments for LCD


Positive Integer
LCD Coms


Number of comms for LCD


Positive Integer


Graphics Graphics Support Y for yes


Graphics Acc Graphics Accelerator Y for yes




(Sec. 12)    Debug Features


Parametric Description Examples
JTAG Joint Test Action Group Support Y for yes


JTAG Password JTAG Password Y for yes


Tamper Proof Hardware Tamper Proof Y for yes


Unique ID Hardware Unique Chip ID Y for yes


Bootstrap Ldr Bootstrap Loader Y for yes


TRNG True Random Number Generator Y for yes


On Chip Dbug On Chip Debug Y for yes


ICP In-circuit board Programming Y for yes


Secure Boot Hardware Secure Boot Y for yes




(Sec. 13)    Misc


Parametric Description Examples
Pkg Pins


Number of pins in package


Positive Integer
Rad Hard Radiation Hardened Y for yes


RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances Y for yes


IP Protect IP Protection Y for yes


Encrypt Hardware Encryption Y for yes


PeriphPinSel Peripheral Pin Select Y for yes




Non-Searchable Parameters (for additional parametric information)


Parametric Description Examples
Part Number Manufacturer's MCU Part Number PIC16F884, ATmega2560 and MSP430F2252


Wireless Modes Wireless Modes (e.g. xx) Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4, Radio


Encrypt Modes Encryption Modes AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, DES, 3DES, SHA2 and MD5


Package PC Board Mounting Package 64 LQFP, 64 VQFN, 56 TSSOP


Market Market Automobile, Industrial and Medical


DOD Date of Original Datasheet 1996, 2010, 2018