Welcome to GOPHER Stat, a statistical database from GruntWare Inc. that compliments the GOPHER Sales Pro cross-vendor microcontroller (MCU) search engine. GOPHER Stat offers statistical data that encompasses the entire database of 29,589 (Production database) / 19,762 (Sandbox database) microcontrollers from 28 manufacturers found in the GOPHER Sales Pro database.

The marketing department could take their existing information (such as Revenue Data, Sales Goals, Competitive Sales Data, Industry Market Research Reports, etc) along with GOPHERs MCU parametric data to further augment their current market plans, predictions, projections, etc:









         GOPHER Stat was designed to give the Marketing and Sales departments of MCU
         manufacturers a wealth of statistical information covering nearly all microcontrollers on the
         market today. The following minimal statistical data are available for each of the 140 parameters
         used to describe each MCU in the database:

                   Number of MCU's Analyzed
                   Number of different values found
                   List of all values found and their occurrences
                   Number of MCU's found
                   For a Selected Parameter, the following:
                          Percentage of MCUs found
                          Average value
                          Medium value
                          Max value
                          Min value
                          Range of values
                          Average number of occurrences
                          Max number of occurrences
                          Min number of occurrences
                          Range of occurrences
                          Variance of Population
                          Standard Deviation of Population
                          Coefficient of Population
                   List of the top 10 most popular occurrences and their corresponding values










           GOPHER Stat provides statistical data covering:

                   The entire MCU database
                      by MCU vendor
                      by MCU product line
                   Thru unique search requests using as many as 9 search parameters to narrow the returned statistical data.
                   12 additional parameters can also be selected to obtain statistics from a search. The following search
                   operators are available:

               >  (greater than)
               >= (greater than or equal to
               =  (equals)
               != (not equals)
               <  (less than)
               <= (less than or equal to)
               [  (contains)

                    GOPHER Stat was created using an industry standard MySQL database. This gives users easy access
                     to the entire database.









GOPHER Stat has up to 140 searchable parameters that can be used for statistical reporting. (See List of GOPHER Stat Search Parameters

The following is an example statistical report analyzing the frequency of different ADC resolutions.

    List of all ADC resolutions found in the MCU database along with how many times each was
                   found (occurrence) followed by a statistical summary of the found data. (2 pages)












  Simple Example

The following is a simple example of an MCU manufacturer (customer) requesting a hypothetical statistical report. We will assume that this customer would like an analysis of what the industry is currently offering for a particular automobile application. The requirements are to use a 32bit CPU with encryption capability, have an MCU freq between 200 and 300 mhz and have an operating temperature of at least 105ºC. At least 2 CAN channels are also required. After the request is searched, the customer would like to see the name of the MCU manufacturer, the part number, cpu size, encryption, frequency, operating temperature, CAN channels, number of CPUs, the name of the CPU and the number of ADC channels available. Finally, the customer wants to see the different values found for each parameter searched, the number of times it was found and finally the percentage of times it was found compared to the total number of parts that were found.

    Overall summary of request; a list of returned parts and the requested parametric values returned;
    and a statistical summary report of the requested parameters and their values. (3 pages)









  Complex Analyses

Complex statistical marketing/sales analyses are possible by either using your own staff (if they are familiar with statistical marketing methodologies) or using outside companies that specialized in statistical marketing applications. The capabilities available thru use of this statistical data include, but not limited to:
        Competitive Analysis
        Market Trend Analysis
        Market Predictive & Projection Analysis
        Regression Analysis (including simple and multiple)
        Decision Analysis
        Hypothesis Testing

An extremely useful parameter for analyzing statistical data for marketing and sales departments is the DOD (Date-Of-Datasheet) parameter. This date is the oldest date we could find from the microcontroller manufacturer's website and/or from internet searches of websites that offer datasheet archival. It is very useful when analyzing trend analysis of competitive product enhancements and product direction.